Church Electrical Services

Church Electrician

System Electrics have many years of experience with these grade 2 listed churches where as most electricians tend to avoid these types of historic buildings

Health and Safety legislation (Electricity at Work Regulations 1989) says that every Church electrical installation must be properly maintained. Wiring systems and electrical equipment can and do wear out, develop faults and sustain damage in use. The problem is that a wiring system, which has developed some major fault and is potentially dangerous can continue to work. In church buildings, which are often used on an occasional basis, perhaps even as little as a couple of hours a week, it can be a long time before any underline faults are detected. Therefore, periodic inspections must take place regularly to ensure that these historic buildings remain safe.

Electrical Church Services

  • Electrical Inspection and Testing
  • Fuseboard Replacements
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • External Lighting
  • Mains Smoke / Heat Detectors

Professional, Reliable and on budget every time

The Parish uses System Electrics for all of the parish properties. We have three churches in our team ministry, 4 vicarages and three public buildings System Electrics has catered for all our electrical needs, kept all of our properties up to date and running efficiently. They provide great service at competitive prices.

The Parish of Mortlake with East Sheen
Cheri R Crump, Parish Administrator