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Is your fuse board safe, does it need upgrading?

In the UK many homes are still equipped with an old style fuse box.

System Electrics highly recommend that you upgrade your old fuse box for a new style consumer unit providing better safety to your property.

A consumer unit is the “fuse box” that lies between the electricity meter box and your home’s electrical circuits.

Present-day units do not house fuses, but miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). Current fuse boxes also contain an extra protective layer known an residual-current device (RCD).

When there is an electrical issue the residual-current device cuts the electrical power to the affected circuit. Older circuit boards should be upgraded to facilitate current safety measures.

Fuseboard Replacements

Domestic Electrical Rewires

Rewiring a home is a tricky task as the cables are usually buried in the walls and under the floor boards. However it’s recommended that electrical cables are replaced every 25 years. With years of experience we can make this big job not intrusive and we aim complete a rewire within 2 days, depending on the size of the property.

Old sub-standard wiring can result in fires and electric shocks due to deterioration of the wires. We can remove these hazards by rewiring your home removing any risks and ensuring all electrical components are current and certified.

Domestic Electrical Rewires

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

As outdoor electricians we offer a complete installation service for home owners and landscape gardeners who are looking to enhance their outdoor living space. We can provide expert knowledge of what lights enhance the look of your outdoor living space in the dark. By projecting lights onto plants really does capture another dimension to your garden with peripheral lighting.

We work alongside landscapers turning their clients dreams into realality. If you’re a landscape designer and you already have a plan drawn out, we can offer you a quote to fit your client’s budget.

Outdoor Lighting

Door Entry Intercoms

Residential door entry intercoms supports either audio systems, cameras or a combination of both. By opting for voice communications or a live video feed, both choices are ideal for residential security, keeping your home and family safe.

Both of these options enables the property owner to identify who is trying to gain access into the property. We can provide a replacement from an existing unit or a complete wired installation. With the latest technology we can supply an app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to monitor your premises remotely.

Door Entry Intercoms

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

System Electrics offer a comprehensive choice of intruder alarms that enhances the security of your home. With more bell boxes present on home’s external walls, don’t allow your property to be singled out. Our engineers are available for consultations about tailor made systems such as pet sensors to panic buttons around your home. We also offer guidance how to place a 24 hour rapid response to any alarm that goes off.

Now with smart technology and online streaming, not only can you secure your home, you can now monitor your home by handy apps supported by Android and iOS devices. With discreet cameras and microphones any disturbance made will activate server recordings of the intrusion while you contact the local police. For more information about making your home smarter, please contact us to arrange a site visit.



We have been providing residential CCTV systems for many years enhancing a home’s security. We use the latest technology and equipment that delivers easy-to-use functionality, with reliable and robust platforms. Our trained engineers have a complete understanding of the latest security technology that matches your budget.

The latest CCTV technology allows you to monitor your home from a smartphone, tablet or a desktop PC remotely. All recordings are stored on a cloud-based server for 14 days allowing you to monitor 24-7. Our support is second to none and we are contactable via the telephone and as we’re local, we can provide on-site support.

Mains-Powered Smoke Detectors

Mains Smoke Detectors

Residential smoke alarms are essential for keeping your family safe from fire or smoke inhalation. When planning how many smoke detectors you need to consider the house layout that will safeguard your home and family.

It is recommend that a smoke alarm is fitted on every level of a home, including all bedrooms and the lower floors.

Avoid hot areas where a fire alarm can be activated tripped such as kitchen stoves and showers.

System Electrics install mains-powered smoke alarms on an electrical circuit, this brings piece of mind that the smoke alarm is 100% activated. If you experience a power cut a secondary power source cuts in powered by a 9 volt battery.