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Our Electrician Services

Domestic Electrician

Many people find it easier to have electric sockets outside, making use of power tools like an electric lawn power or strimmer much easier to use, leaving no trailing cables through your home. Or at Christmas when adding a Christmas decoration by the front door.

Weatherproof sockets make the use of your equipment outdoors much safer and easier. When the lid is closed they can offer protection from the severest weather conditions.

Domestic Electrician

Electrical work and repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. There is a risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in serious injury or death. We strongly advise that outdoor lighting and heating electrical wiring be referred to a licensed electrician. We can also install circuit breakers in your electrical consumer unit and run cabling to your outdoor appliances. All installations must be registered with Building Control and be Part P Compliant.

Part P building regulations

Part P building regulations now effectively ban home owners from installing their own electrics in ponds, sheds, garages and greenhouses which means that all electrical work in the garden must be carried out by a government approved electrician registered with Part P.

Part P applies to garden lighting, pond lighting, pond pumps, swimming pools, stables and saunas, along with outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages & greenhouses.

Local authorities can order the removal or correction of any work that does not comply and you could be fined.